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A complete solution

Smart watch

The Life Plus solution consists of an autonomous smart watch. It allows the activity to be monitored by measuring precise physiological parameters. In case of a problem, the watch transmits alerts to the caregivers or the care call center without using an internet home connection or a smart phone.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors can be placed inside senior's home. They analyze the environment to provide a better service.

Multiple assets


Life plus uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


We evolve continuously our algorithms in order to always improve.


High-performance sensors provide precise information.

Multiple devices supported

SaaS Platform

Plateforme Life Plus

For the medical staff, a dedicated application allows a simplified follow-up of the seniors at home. Developed by doctors and geriatric specialists to provide the most relevant data


Application Life Plus

For family and caregivers, we offer health a health and activity chart to see how loved ones are doing at a glance