Life Plus improves the live of seniors and caregivers with a simple and innovative solution.

The Life Plus solution is composed of a smartwatch for seniors measuring the health and activity of the person, and smart sensors placed in the living place analyze the habits and the environment.

The solution is coupled with a mobile application for family and caregivers to quickly see if everything is  going well about the person you take care.

Caring for your loved ones.



It monitors the activity, health, it also detects falls or abnormal inactivity.

In case of problems, the watch sends an alert to relatives / caregivers or remote assistance center.

Smart sensors

Placed in the place of residence of the senior, they analyze the living environment (opening refrigerator, taking medication …).


Family / Caregivers

For relatives and caregivers, the dashboard of health / activity allows to visualize if all goes well in a look, in case of problems we notify caregivers of various stages of management.


For the senior, it helps to have a simple and safe solution in the form of a watch designed for them in terms of design and function with the recall of medication for example..


For doctors, a dedicated application allows easy following of seniors at home. We work with physicians to provide the most relevant information for improved monitoring at home.

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